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Komachi”Spaghetti”pasta 250g

用途Toss with your favorite pasta sauce.

Gluten-free authentic pasta. It is the most popular type of pasta, with a circular shape of about 2 mm. It is recommended for use with soupy fish and shellfish sauces, oil, peperoncino, etc.

Product Details
Name Processed rice flour products (rice noodles)
Contents 250g
Allergic substances NONE
Ingredients Uruchi rice (domestic) (Akita Akita Komachi 60%)), corn starch, sweet corn powder/citric acid
Place of manufacture JAPAN
Single size W130mm×H295mm×D15mm
JAN Code 4964339004411

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Komachi”Spaghetti”pasta 250g

Toss with your favorite pasta sauce.

Komachi”Spaghetti”pasta 250g

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